COOP'S MicroCreamery
Watertown, MA  617-924-3884

Who are we?

We are a relatively new brand of Superpremium frozen desserts and related products, owned by Marc "Coop" Cooper. For over 25 years, Marc has been producing superpremium ice cream - most of the time under the Herrell's brand when he received Best of BOSTON awards 12 times. Now Marc has developed a product line with the goal of winning the hearts and minds of true ice cream afficionados in the sophisticated Boston area market.

COOP's came out on top of all of the major ice cream purveyors in the local area at the Sugarbomber-produced Ice Cream Showdown in Somerville. The Food Editors of the New York Times chose COOP's Ice Cream as a Foodie Pick. Our Hot Fudge was featured in a recent Improper Bostonian Magazine, and the local ABC TV affiliate - Channel 5 - will soon feature COOP's on its Chronicle show.

Who is Marc "Coop" Cooper?

Once upon a time, Marc was an Electrical Engineer and Hospital Administrator who decided to learn how to make ice cream from the guru, Steve Herrell. Marc operated two retail ice cream shops. His separate commissary produced frozen desserts for restaurants, caterers and other ice cream shops. Now, with the advent of COOP's MicroCreamery, Marc has developed recipes and techniques using the latest ingredient innovations along with the promise of no artificial flavorings or colorings.

Over the years, Marc has

  • produced over 2 million ice cream bon bons for Legal Sea Foods and others,

  • worked with some of Boston's top chefs to develop unique flavored frozen desserts for their restaurants, and

  • catered make-your-own ice cream sundae events - serving over 250,000 to date.

What's in our products?

We use only the finest ingredients available to make the best Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Vegan Frozen Desserts we can. Our very rich ice cream has very little air content (unlike most store brands which can be half air). All of our flavorings are pure and natural. For Banana, for example, we use real bananas.  Our new line of Coconut milk based vegan "ice cream" is receiving rave reviews at several vegetarian venues.  Our hot fudge and whipped cream are also made from "scratch" with natural ingredients. Whether you're passionate about ice cream or frozen yogurt, a chocoholic (OMFG Chocolate Ice Cream, Hot Fudge), or a coffeeholic (Espresso Ice Cream), Coop's has something for you.

Where can you find our Products?

Our frozen products are available in Massachusetts. They are available by the scoop at:

3 Scoops in Brighton, Refuge Cafe in Allston, Coolidge Corner Cinema, and others. You may see our handmade Bon Bons, handpacked quarts and pints, and Hot Fudge in area specialty stores such as Berman's Wine and Spirits in Lexington, Russo's in Watertown, Formaggio and many others. A number of fine restaurants and caterers also serve our frozen products: Elephant Walk and Golden Temple restaurants are just a few. Locally, Shaws/Star Markets, Hannaford, and Roche Brothers carry COOP's Handmade Hot Fudge. Whole Foods and many gourmet shops and country stores around the U.S. carry both COOP's Handmade Hot Fudge and Cocoa Felice.

For more information about our products or Catered Make-Your-Own-Sundae parties,

please call 617-924-3884.

Testimonials From Customers:

wanted to tell you my husband, kids and I are BIG fans of your homemade ice cream.  We just bought 4 flavors at Berman's.  We've been fanatic peppermint ice cream hot fudge people for a long time.
Thanks for making such great ice cream!

Yippeeeeeee!!!! You just made my day. I LOVE your product!!!

Katy, Arlington MA


Telephone: 617-924-3884